Client Testimonials

To who ever is reading this, please note that each 5 STAR RATING that I gave Hemal and Anuva was greatly deserved. As someone who really appreciates a good detailed feedback, here are some specifics that makes this provider exceptional: Quality of Work: Provider's methods for SEO is very labor intensive. It is not done by scripts and thus can be time consuming. My site gained ranking slowly at first and then within 3 months absolutely soared to the top. Responsiveness: The provider always replied to concerns and issues in a friendly and professional manner. Hemal also provided access to weekly reports so that I could always see how my keywords were performing from week to week. Professionalism: Very polite with great communication skills that saved a lot of time going back and forth. Often the most time consuming factor of a project is being able to express what you want. Hemal was great at listening first and then offering solutions. Subject Matter: OK, if you read this far here is the greatest skill of all with Anuva; What they do, they do exceptional. With that said, if they are not capable of a specific request, they will honestly tell you. Coming from a sales background, I have seen providers say Yes to anything, and then when it comes time to perform they let you down. You can feel good knowing that they will only agree to something if they can do it with absolute confidence. This integrity has won a lifelong client relationship. I highly recommend this provider! Thanks Hemal. You Guys Rock!

- Dave, California
You have all done a wonderful job making both of my websites look more modern and professional. I would also like to say how excellent your customer support has been. Any and all concerns I had were addresses immediately with no questions asked. I am noticed increased ranking in some search engines almost immediately after the project began. I feel very good about choosing the Anuva team for both SEO and web design improvements. I am excited about what the future brings.Thank You Anuva

- Beau Mason
I was having trouble finding an honest-ethical SEO company for my needs. Anuva stepped up to my needs for search engine optimization. They helped me understand the process of SEO, the time it would take and the white-hat strategies they will use to get the best results. Anuva not only helped and achieve search engine results; they educate their customers to get the best result possible. Their customer service is also exemplary. I am glad I chose Anuva for my SEO needs.

- Dave, Minnesota
Anuva is a company I can easily recommend to anyone wanting a professional SEO services provider. I am really impressed with the progress we are making in only a very short space of time. We are already number 1 on Google and MSN and number 2 on Yahoo for 'best franchise company' and moving up the rankings for other nominated search terms. Congratulations and well done Anuva!

- Gordon, UK
Anuva has done a fantastic job optimizing our site for SEO. Prior to their work, we were not figuring anywhere on the major search engine listings. Anuva's ongoing SEO work has been helping us rank very high on almost every major search engine....transforming into increased site traffic, inquiries, and sales. Anuva combines SEO optimizing expertise with a strong industry/business area focus and consultative approach to defining key words.

- Sauda, California
My interaction with the Anuva team dealing has definitely been most fulfilling. I knew from the very beginning that all the minute details of my web article would be taken care of by them. But they pleasantly surprised me with a quality submission before time! Developing my site, with attention and concern for detail, the team has consistently responded to my requests and concerns, efficiently. We work well together, Anuva and I am looking forward to more business with you.

- Bob, UK
Working with Anuva has given me first hand experience in precision, quality and dot-on submissions. The team's quick response to details and range of cost effective alternatives proved very lucrative for me. Anuva's uncompromising stand on quality and response helped me meet business targets well in time. The salient feature of the Anuva team is its ability to deliver in a timely and orderly manner. All my website requirements are taken care of by Anuva and I wish them the very best always!

- John, Texas
We are more than satisfied with Anuva's Search Engine Optimization services. They have developed and upgraded our website and promoted the business very efficiently. Kudos! Keep it up! We have emerged as a reputed large scale organization and this would not have been possible without the dedication of the Anuva team. We feel part of a network and look forward to a fruitful relationship in the years to follow.

- Richard, Seattle
When my product could not make it to the desired ranking in Google, I chanced upon Anuva. The in house team is amazing. Within days they created key word extensive content and my company was part of the glory that the big wigs were enjoying, with a Number 1 ranking! This incredible achievement for my online venture kick started a friendship that surprises me every time the team beats set dead lines. I am very pleased with the support and service that Anuva.

- Davis, Queensland
Through personal testimony, Anuva is a one-stop-shop for all website requirements. Hemal Desai and his professional team of web developers are the answer to every dream on the net. I have consistently been very satisfied with what the Anuva team ahs churned out for my online business. They have taken care of all my outsource needs in Search Engine Optimization.

- Elly, Houston
When I had to submit my web site content to the Internet directories, I really didn't know the 'where' and 'how' to effectively handle it. This is when the Anuva team stepping in and took control! Their commitment to accuracy and prompt service has helped me get the kind of attention I was looking for within the online community. In those very sensitive days of initial teething problems Anuva backed me up. Way to go guys!

- Micheal, New York
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